Cash For Gold & Silver

Gold, silver & diamonds

Do you have any old jewelry, gold/silver coins or even gold/silver antique pieces? Do you have misplaced or mismatched gold or silver just sitting around?

With fine metal prices being at an all time high, now is the time to get cash. Get Cash for Gold & Silver within Minutes!

We are your local gold, Silver and diamond buyers in the chicagoland area.

Since Early Times, Gold and Silver were desirable, and have been used to make jewelry for thousands of years. Then it slowly started to be used as an early currency, and later began to be made into standard sized coins.

Gold and silver is every bit as important now as they were then, and been highly valued for the whole length of human history.  Gold and silver are real commodities that will always be in demand. When you buy metal you’re buying something real. That’s very reassuring when the economy isn’t performing well you have a guarantee that no matter what happens you will still own something of value. In fact the security of gold and silver means that they become even more desirable in difficult times and that pushes prices up. If you want to sell something when things look bad, gold and silver is one of your best options.

Here at A&B Jewelry and Loan, we offer the most competitive prices for your gold and silver, even if it’s considered scrap, or broken. Come by and see for yourself and get cash today!!!